Pismo Beach Pier with lone walkerFootprints in the Sand at Christmas

Sometimes a name just grabs you – and the name “Pismo Beach” evoked a vision of a typical California Surf Town, and it lured us in for a closer look.

Located along the Central Coast in San Luis Obispo County, we discovered that Pismo Beach is famous for having one of California’s longest and widest stretches of beach – a worthy recipient of our footprints.  So we parked the car down a side-street, and strolled over the sand towards the pier that was supported by the tallest wooden pylons I’d ever seen, making it look like the daddy-long-legs of piers.

Pismo Beach Pier and Surfer B&W with Blue Board
The clusters of shell fish and barnacles coating the bottom of the pylons, showed how far the tide was out, and made for a great photo opportunity.
There was a chill in the air, and the sun was starting to dip in the west, but that didn’t stop the local surfers from hugging the shoreline to assess the opportunities for one last ride of the surf.

Pismo Beach Pier PylonsFeeling Ire

We trudged off the sand in search of a coffee shop, and stepped back in time by at least a decade.  Rows of weather beaten businesses lined the main thoroughfare, and tie-dye t-shirt shops were sandwiched between trinket shops selling shell-crusted knick-knacks.

Pismo Beach Wall Mural CaliforniaWe found a wind-battered cafe lined with 60’s inspired Bob Marley artwork, and were served piping hot coffee by youth who hadn’t long been parted from a freshly lit bong.  It was a refreshing change from the corporate tinged Starbucks experience, and added to the authentic charm of this Californian surfing town.

Even though there’s something forlorn about an out-of-season beach resort, I don’t think there’s anything more enjoyable than walking along a vast deserted beach, as your cheeks go numb with the cold.

A great first stop on the Road Trip… and a good omen of locations awaiting us.





The Feature Photo “Surfer with a Blue Board”  is my submission for this week’s Round #34 of Photo Roulette, hosted by My Walkabout 40, with a theme of Winter.