Norfolk Landscape UKNature

I hadn’t realized how frequently the British weather featured in conversations, until I was welcomed on my recent trip with the mildest winter for years.

Back in LA, the weather’s consistent so there’s no need to speculate.  But inclement British weather can scupper the best laid plans, and it only took we a couple of days of being back in my homeland, before I started to tow the line, and begin to sprinkle my speech with the latest forecast predictions.

Norfolk UK field trees and blue sky with clouds

This time last year, British was in the throes of the worst winter ever, so it was a welcome reprieve to be experiencing the mildest winter for years.

Walk in the Woods Norfolk

Bright blue skies, with a freshness that makes your cheeks tingle.  Perfect weather for long country walks across the Norfolk countryside, with a couple of west highland terriers and my mum.

Male and Femal West Highland Terrior


Each morning, I don my new wellies and head out into the countryside for a bracing walk across the fields. Even though my mum’s more than a couple of decades older than me, there’s no chance of a me lollygagging.

We take-off like greyhounds on the scent of a rabbit, and stride purposely for 1-2 hours, depending on our plans for the day.

Autumn Leaves and Westie

I love these walks where Nature and Nurture collide.  I get to spend time with my mum, as well as enjoy the Norfolk countryside.

That very same countryside that drove me to the City in search of my fortune, draws me back in.

Swan in Flight from a river on a sunny day

I wait at the side of the railway track, like an extra from the Railway Children, in rapt anticipation of seeing the local narrow-gauge train steam down the line.  I experience childlike glee with every swan, sheep, shire horse and hedgehog encounter.

Narrow Gauge Railway in the Mist

We watch the tractors pull the sugar beet harvesters across the landscape, and detour around the fields where winter barley is just beginning to shoot.  Across stiles and dry river beds, we keep the dogs on track, and plan our days’ adventures.

Sheep under a big tree

The crunch of leaves beneath our feet, and the constant rustle of pheasants in the hedgerow created a memorable soundtrack for an ambient autumn.

I was at home for two weeks, and of all the great memories created during this trip, these daily Nature and Nurture walks will linger far longer than anything else.