Waiting Game

So now it’s just a waiting game for the Power of Attorney to be signed and delivered to Sunshine. It feels like today is the first real day of our holiday, even though we’ve been here a full week already.

Now that we’ve chosen the area we want to buy a house in, it’s time to explore it in more detail. There are frequent dolmus services throughout the Peninsula, but we want a little bit more flexibility, so decide to hire a scooter.

Moped Rental in Bodrum Turkey

First Stop: Ortakent Golf Course

We couldn’t wait to get started with our day, so we ended up hiring a scooter last night, so that we could get up with the larks this morning. Also, Red wanted a little practice on it before we had a big away day, so he navigated Bodrum’s one-way system a couple of times last night to get is scooter-legs.

Getting out of Bodrum was easy, and before long we saw a sign for a Golf Course in Ortakent. Brimming with anticipation and excitement, Red navigated down a side road in search of the local golf facilities we hadn’t known existed.

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Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide

Second Stop: Yalikavak Windmills

After the Golf Course, we carried north along the road towards the northern coast of the Bodrum Peninsula, and on the hill a few km outside of Yalikavak we came across a set of 3 windmills on the hill.  Just as we were arriving, the caretakers was unfurling the sails of the renovated windmill.

We spent about 1/2 hour admiring the windmills and the view, and then descended down the hill into Yalikavak.

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Yalikavak Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Third Stop: Yalikavak Market

When we arrived in Yalikavak it was a flurry of activity, because Thursdays are market day. If we had any lingering doubts our choice of “new neighbourhood” wasn’t the right one, the Yalikavak Market banished them.

Yalikavak Bodrum Turkey

Wandering around this local farmers and textile market, we rubbed shoulders with more locals than tourists. Whereas Bodrum market was full of hassling and touting, here in Yalikavak maket it was a decidedly chilled experience. We could both imagine spending every Thursday prowling this market, especially after we sampled our first Gozleme…. love at first bite.

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Yalikavak Thursday Market Bodrum TurkeyThis was our second trip to Yalikavak, and already we were feeling at home. We headed back to the same cafe we had lunch at during our first day house hunting, and had a Turkish Coffee, before heading back onto the open road.

It was time to explore the road between Yalikavak and Gumusluk, and see if we could find the private beach that was associated with our sitesi.